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Bleeding Heart (Dicentra Spectabilis) is a spring flower that gets it’s name from the heart like shape of the flowers it blooms. They are a pinky rose color that hang off of their stems. Even though most are a rose color, some come in white. The foliage of the Bleeding Heart is almost as beautiful as the flower itself. The leaves are a blue green color, and look almost fern like. This is one of the more romantic spring flowers. Bleeding Heart begins to grow in late spring, and continue into the early summer.

Growing Bleeding Heart Flowers

Red Bleeding Heart Flower

Red Bleeding Heart Flower

The best thing about planting Bleeding Heart bulbs is that they are perennials. So you can grow these gorgeous flowers year after year. They grow best in rich soil, with some shade. It is ideal to plant these in a partially shaded area.

This flower will grow between 2 to 2 ½ feet tall. They need to be spaced out a bit when you plant them. Plant them about 2 feet apart and they should grow nicely. They are a great flower to have for cutting and using in bouquets. They are sure to brighten up any flower arrangement.

There is also a fringed type of this flower. It is a little different from the original. They are slightly smaller and produce a different type of foliage. They have a lacy look to their leaves.

The fringed version lives a bit longer than the original. It begins blooming in late spring and continues growing into early fall. They sometimes die during a drought, but can begin to grow again well into the beginning of fall.

Just like the original, the fringed version grows best in rich soil with some shade above. The maintenance for both of these plants consists of mulching them in the beginning of spring, and keeping them hydrated.

Whatever version of this flower you choose they are sure to be a lovely addition to any flower garden.