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Honeysuckle Vine is definitely a favorite flower of mine. It brings me back to when I was a child, and loved to find the plant. I would pluck a flower off of its stem, pull out the middle, and eat the tiny drop of honey that hung from it.

It has such a wonderful smell, and anything or anyone who walks by can’t help but notice it. Besides people loving the smell and taste of the honeysuckle, butterflies and hummingbirds do as well.



This plant is a type of vine that can be used to cover a certain object or area of your home.

There are many different types of this plant. They bloom in different colors such as red, pink, yellow and white.

To grow honeysuckle, you should plant it in the spring. They grow best in shaded areas.

After you dig a hole of about 16 – 18 inches, plant the flower as deep as it was in the plastic pot it came in. Before you plant it, it is a good idea to mix in some manure with the soil.

Water the plants only so the soil is slightly moist. Also mulch it with a mixture of natures best: leaves, pine needles, bark chunks, etc.

Once the plant grows you will have to fertilize it every spring. Check out your local nursery to find the best fertilizer for this plant, and for all of your plants.

Also, prune honeysuckle vines when they look like they need it. Use your judgment. If it looks like it is getting to outgrown or bushy for you, take the pruning shears and trim it up.

It is best to prune your plant in the middle of summer or at the beginning of spring. Just trim the areas that need it. You do not want to chop your plant up!

Honeysuckle grows from spring into the fall if cared for correctly. Just remember to water and fertilize as needed, and it should grow back year after year.

Enjoy the smell, taste, and the beautiful elements of nature, your honeysuckle plant will bring you!