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Zinnia flowers are a summer flower favorite of mine, and possibly a lot of other peoples too. What’s not to love with the warm colors, the bright green foliage, and of course the versatility these plants have to offer.

They are annual plants that are as easy to grow as they are to care for. One of the best reasons to plant these flowers in your flower bed is for the variety of colors they grow in. You have your choice from red, yellow, pink, purple, yellow, white and more.

Zinnia Flower

Zinnia Flower

You can go with one color of Zinnias, if you have a color scheme going in your garden, or have a plethora of colors that will really liven up your summer garden.

Besides coming in a variety of colors, they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some can grow as tall as 3 feet high, while the dwarf varieties can reach about 1 foot. The size of your plants could determine where you want to place them in the garden.

This plant grow very quickly once planted. So you really should plan out when you want this plant to germinate, because almost as soon as you plant it, it will be ready to grow.

When I’m planting my Zinnias, I usually dig a hole, or a few holes, in my garden and sprinkle in an ample amount of seeds. I water them regularly until the flowers begin to sprout.

Once they begin to grow, they do not need to be watered as regularly. They are pretty tolerant of heat. If you are in a drought for a long while, then you may want to water them.

Besides being great plants for edging, bordering a garden, and filling up an entire flower bed, Zinnias also make lovely fresh cut flowers.

When your flowers are fully grown, simply cut a few that you would like to take indoors. Mix up colors and have fun pairing them with some other great summer flowers like Baby’s Breath and Cosmos.

Water the cut flowers daily to enhance their life to the fullest. With proper care they will last at least a week or so. And with them growing right outside your door, you have a vase of fresh cut Zinnias all season long!