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Nasturtium flowers are very easy going plants. What I mean is, they are very easy to take care of and to grow.

They begin to grow in the early summer months, and can continue to grow through late fall.

Nastirtium Flower

Nastirtium Flower

To plant nasturtiums, it is easiest to start from seeds. That way you don’t have to worry about transplanting.

Sow the seeds into the dirt at about 10 inches apart when the winter frost has gone away. Pour the soil over the seeds and then pat the soil down. Don’t put to much soil over top of the seeds. Just cover them lightly.

Water the area where you planted the seeds when it begins to look dry. You just want to keep the soil moist.

They usually begin to grow a couple of weeks after planting.

Once they start to grow you will first see the leaves, and then the flowers sprout. The leaves are large and bright green.

They resemble saucers from a tea set. The luscious green leaves also have white lines running through them from the center of the leaves, and stretched out to the very edge.

Nastirtium Flowers

Nastirtium Flowers

The flowers are a trumpet shaped flower. They grow in warm summer/fall colors like orange, maroon, yellow, salmon, and white.

Some of the blossoms contain outbursts of contrasting colors on them.

Every year in the spring, my students plant seeds for a science lesson. I often choose Nasturtiums as one of the flowers to grow because they always grow without fail.

Some seeds tend to not grow as well in a classroom left vacant on the weekends, but this flower can handle anything.

My students are always happy when in a few weeks they begin to see their plants grow. Then they get to take them home and plant them in their gardens to have a beautiful summer flower to enjoy.

The only downfall to this plant is that they are annuals. Which means they will only grow for one life cycle.

But don’t worry! Since they’re so easy to plant, you can plant new seeds every year!