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Roses are possibly one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I’m sure many would agree with me on that! From its delicate looking petals to the wonderfully light aroma it gives, the flower is definitely a favorite to many.

This flower comes in many different colors, styles, and species. Over 100 species of this plant exists.

Red Rose

Red Rose

This is also the June birth month flower. A perfect flower for the beginning of the summer season! This flower grows from the end of spring all the into the fall months. It is a shrub that looks beautiful no matter where it is planted.

You can make a whole flower bed of them or use them as a border with other plants, or use them to edge walkways. Wherever they may be, they will surely look lovely.

At my house we do not have any bushes anymore. That is because the rabbits love to eat the flowers. I would, however, like to try to plant some soon because I love how they make my yard look.

I will have to spray them with some type of repellent that will deter the rabbits away from my flowers. Another option would be to put a fence around them.

Blue Rose

Blue Rose

There are ancient ones and there are more modern ones. The modern ones are usually more tolerant different soils and climates. Also the modern ones are not as prone to disease as the older ones.

Modern versions are also the ones that are typically used for cutting. Think of a dozen fresh cut, long stemmed roses! Who doesn’t love getting them as a gift? They are beautiful.

These flowers are wonderful to look at. Along with the brightly colored blossoms, there are dark green leaves. They are accompanied by very pretty foliage. The stems however, do occasionally carry thorns. So be careful and wear gloves when cutting them.



To plant a shrub in your garden, here is what you need to do. First of all, pick a spot that is sunny. The soil they are going to be placed in needs to be rich, well drained soil. Dig a hole in the ground that is a little bit bigger then the bush you are going to plant.

Fertilize the area you are going to be putting the bush in. Take the plant out of the container it is currently in very carefully, and gently lower it into the hole you have made.

You can plant these flowers when the ground warms up. Spring or early fall seem to be the best times for planting. If you choose to plant container Roses, you can plant them in the summer, but you need to keep watering them to keep the ground moist.

Roses come in a variety of colors and the blossoms come in different shapes. Some colors are coral, red, yellow, pink and white.

White Rose

White Rose

The flower itself can come in 8 different flower head forms.

The Pompon grows in clusters of small rounded petals. They look like pinwheels that have very full petals.

Rounded consists of double to fully double flowers with petals that overlap.


Urn-shaped resembles Rounded with overlapping petals. The difference is that the center resembles an urn.

Flat looks exactly as it sounds. It is a flatter flower with large petals that barely overlap.

Cupped looks just like Flat except the petals turn up and the flower looks cup shaped.

Rosette-shaped looks like a giant pom-pom sitting on a stem. It has shorter uneven overlapping petals then Rounded or Urn-shaped.

Quartered-rosette is a fully double flower with uneven flat petals. By looking at the center of this flower, it looks like it is broken into four sections.

High-centered is a semi to fully double flower that gets high at the center.

Make sure that wherever you plant your new shrubs, that they have plenty of room to grow. They do not like to be surrounded by neighbors that are to close.

Enjoy the look and the fragrance your bush will bring to your garden all season long!