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Wormwood plant (Artemisia) is a perennial shrub that grows in the summer months. While it has been known to grow from spring all the way to fall, it is primarily seen all throughout the summer season.

This shrub is mainly grown for its foliage. The foliage from this shrub is really lovely. The leaves have a frosty silver look. In certain times of day, the leaves really seem to sparkle and shine.

Wormwood Plant

Wormwood Plant

This plant can grow from 1 to 3 feet high. They can either grow to be a ground covering shrub or a taller shrub.

When certain parts of the plant look dead or faded, cut them off and the plant will grow new beautiful leaves again.

Artemisia is a very good shrub to grow in the summer. It is a very low maintenance plant. It can really flourish with little care.

In order to grow this plant, choose a spot that is in an area of full sun. If the spot has well drained soil then that is a plus. If the soil is not well drained, then add some mulch or sand into the hole you are planting the shrub in.

This will help your plant not to get root rot.

After you begin growing your plant, water it a few times a week and trim back dead plants when needed.

If you decide to divide and replant your plant, start in the springtime. Dig up plants you want to move, and quickly replant them in the new area. They will spread out and grow back each year.