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Water Lily plants (Nymphaeaceae) grow and live in freshwater. They are planted in soil that is underneath the water, and when ready the leaves and flowers float up to the surface.

They are the July birth month flower. This may be because they grow during the summer months.

Water Lily Plants

Water Lily Plants

There are many different species of the of this plant. They only live in freshwater, and grow in areas with tropic or temperate climates.

There are however, two main types of these flowers. They are hardy and tropical. Hardy Water lilies will only bloom during the day, while tropical ones can bloom night or day.

These flowers come in colors like white, pink, red, yellow, and tropical ones can even be blue. They all have large round petals with yellow stamens in the centers. There are many tiers of petals that overlap each other.

Certain varieties of this aquatic plant can be invasive. So be careful where you plant them as they can spread out uncontrollably throughout your pond.

Most types can be planted about 18 to 30 inches deep. Some types can only be planted in a few inches of water.

While planting your Water lilies, it may be easier to begin your planting in an aquatic planting container. This will make it easier to plant the flowers.

When planting in the water, make sure you begin the planting process in an area with a lot of sun. This will make your water flowers grow right on schedule.

They are a great flower to have in a pond. They look pretty in a pond during the summer months.