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The Lily flower is one of summer’s more exotic looking flowers. With a blossom resembling a wide opened yawn, this flower is hardly boring.

This flower is a bulb that comes in colors of white, orange, yellow, purple, red and pink. When planting these bulbs, be sure to plant them as soon as you get them home. They tend to not stay dormant for very long, so if you want to grow beautiful Lilies, plant the bulbs ASAP!



These plants put on such a great show that they can be in a flowerbed all on their own. They come in about 8 different classes. The flowers in each class however, all have 6 petals each. The difference is the shape of the petals.

While they are all trumpet shaped, they have a slightly different look to them.

Asiatic hybrids are unscented with egg like shaped leaves.

Oriental hybrids are strongly scented and have alternating leaves.

Longiflorum hybrids have a sweet scent to them and have more of a funnel shape to them. The leaves are scattered and linear.

Candidum hybrids sometimes have a scent, but not all the time. They have scattered leaves that have a spiral shape to them.

Lily Flower

Lily Flower

Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids have linear scattered leaves and have a wonderful scent.

American hybrids are recurved and sometimes scented. The petals are funnel shaped, and they have elliptic leaves.

Martagon hybrids are scented but they do not have a nice scent. They don’t smell too good.

The rest of the Lilies reside in the other category.

Once you have selected your choice of hybrids, be very careful with the bulbs. They are very delicate.

Plant the bulbs in the ground at about 4 to 5 inches deep. Set the bulbs out and cover them gently with the remaining soil.

Plant them in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. When they begin to grow in the spring, fertilize the flowers.

This is a perennial bulb that will grow back each year with proper care. Cut the pant back as you see fit, and this plant will continue to grow for many years.