Summer Flowers

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Summer flowers are very rich and beautiful. They come in a wide range of colors including reds, blues, violets, oranges, yellows, pinks, purples and whites.

Types of Summer Flowers

The beginning of summer starts with perennials that began to grow late in spring. These perennials begin to flower at the first signs of summer. Summer flowers also include annuals and summer bulbs.

Popular summer blooming perennials for early summer are Irises and Peonies.

summer flowers - iris flower

Iris Flower

A favorite summer plant that begins it’s growth in summer is the Rose. Many people enjoy growing roses because of the sheer beauty of this flower. There are many different colors of Roses which give off a wonderful smell that fills the air.

As the season starts to really heat up, there are many flowers that cannot continue to grow during the hottest days. Unfortunately there are not too many colorful plants that can last in the heat.

Annual Flowers During Summer

There are some annuals however, that can stand the heat. Some good annuals to plant during summer are Cosmos and Zinnia flowers.

These are flowers that bloom all summer and are very bright in color, and can keep your garden looking vivid and bright.

summer flowers - zinnias


Care for Summer Flowers

While you can continue to grow your favorite plants all throughout summer, just be sure you are giving them the proper care in order to keep your summer flowering plants alive.

If you are not able to maintain your garden in the hot summer days, then the heat-tolerant annuals will be your best for the end of summer gardens.

summer flowers - cosmos flower

Cosmos Flowers

Always make sure to give your flowers plenty of water. It is critical for them to have enough water so they do not wilt and die.

It is a good idea to water them at ground level with a hose that has holes in it that can give every flower the same amount of water that is needed and it allows the water to more deeply penetrate the ground.

Spraying flowers with a hose is an easy way to keep them watered. However, it is not as efficient or productive as ground level watering because it can be hit or miss.

You may drench one flower with loads of water while virtually missing another; both flowers will be worse off after your finished.

Summer has its choice of some of the most beautifully colored flowers of all the seasons. The heat of summer can also be rough on your flowers so it is very important to take good care of them to keep them healthy. Know your garden and climate to choose the best flowers to fit.

Types of Summer Flowers

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