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Snapdragon flowers (Antirrhinum) are one of summers most bright and colorful flowers. Growing in colors of bright reds, pinks, oranges, purples, white and yellow, the Snapdragon is a great flower to have to brighten up you garden.

When in full bloom, they look like spikes shooting up from the ground with colorful bell shaped flower heads growing from each stem. More than one flower grows on each stem.

Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragon Flowers

The colors are so vivid and bright that from far away they almost look plastic.

Along with the beautiful bright colors, the foliage that grows along with the flowers are also bright and beautiful. The leaves are a darker shade of bright green that make a nice balance with the color of the flowers.

This plant also has a wonderfully sweet scent. This really is a perfect summer flower. Bright wonderful colors, sweet smelling fragrances, and luscious green foliage make this plant a must have.

They come in both perennial and annual forms. The annual plants seem to last longer than the perennial Snapdragons. The perennial ones are subject to frost and disease in the winter and often die.

Snapdragons are easy going plants that are very low maintenance. They can grow in areas of either full sun or partial shade. They like to be planted in rich soil, and they also prefer a cooler summer to a hot one.

Start planting the seeds indoors about 8 weeks before the last frost in spring. Once all signs of frost have gone away, you can transplant the seeds outdoors.

The flowers will grow on their own with help from the sun and soil. All you have to do is to pick off the dead flowers on the stem as you start to see them.

Snapdragons range in height from 9 inches small all the way to 32 inches tall. How much space you give them can have something to do with their height.

This plant is one of my summertime favorites. Enjoy the colors and the wonderful scents this flower has to offer!