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Pansy Flowers (Viola) are small and delicate flowers that grow from spring all the way into the fall. They grow in many bright, beautiful colors and can grow in a single color or two-toned.

In the summer months the pansy may stop blooming due to the high temperatures. In the fall it will resume its growth.

Pansies are the flowers that if two-toned, they look like there is a smiling face in the center. Think of the bright yellow ones with the dark center. I think of a happy face!

Pansy Flowers

Pansy Flowers

This flower is a very versatile flower that will look good anywhere. Plant them in a single flower bed, a bed with many plants, hanging pots, window boxes, or even in containers. Wherever you choose to plant this flower, they will grow beautifully and look lovely.

A benefit to Pansies is that they are easy to grow, and are very inexpensive to buy.

Depending on which type of Pansies you will be planting (mini or regular) the guidelines are slightly different. For mini varieties, space plants at least 10 inches apart. For larger varieties they only need to be spaced about 8 inches apart.

If you want them to grow starting in the spring, then you can begin planting after the last frost. If you want to plant in the fall, then plant the as close to the beginning of fall as possible.

Pansies grow best in well fertilized soil. If your plants start to look droop, that means you need to fertilize more often. Also make sure they are growing in well-drained soil.

Plant the flowers in spots that receive a fair amount of sun. Without enough sun, they may begin to droop.

The only downside to the Pansy is that they are annuals. So that means you need to replant them every year.