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Poppy Flower

The Poppy flower (Papaver) is a spring flower which can be either an annual flower or perennial flower. Whichever type you choose you will be sure to love. Whatever the kind, they will bring a very unique look to your garden.

Poppy Flower Types



There are a lot of different species of this flower. They have very large blossoms that grow from the foliage.

Perennial Poppies

Grow from seeds in the soil. They are very easy to grow and they reseed themselves so that they continue to grow again each year.

Corn Poppies

Grow in the spring. They are annuals that can be planted in fall or early spring.

Angels Choir

Is a double flower that can be a soft pink or white color.

Oriental Poppy

Is a very popular species. They can be a bright orange, red, purple, or white color. They are perennials and grow to be almost 4 feet tall.

Growing Poppy Flower

Poppy Flowers

Poppy Flower

Certain Poppies should be planted in a certain way. They all do not grow the same. If you are unsure about how to grow your plants, check out your local nursery to get directions on how to plant your flowers correctly.

Most species do however grow best in areas with full sun to light shade. Make sure you have them planted in well-drained soil. Also spread your seeds out. They do not grow well if they are too crowded.

Once the flowers begin to grow, they make a beautiful contribution to a vase of fresh cut flowers. They are very easy to cut, and once you have them in a vase, they look gorgeous. Poppies definitely bring a unique look to any garden. Whether you use them as accent flowers, or as the main focus of your garden, they will be sure to brighten up anyone’s yard or flowerbed.