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The lilac shrub blooms beautiful fragrant flowers in colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and white.

Lilacs are one of the more romantic flowers out there. While all flowers are beautiful in there own way, certain flowers just have that ability to strike up some romance!

Lilac Shrub

Lilac Shrub

Since they are a shrub, you could plant them anywhere and they can stand alone on their own. You can use them in a flowerbed all by themselves, or you could use them to line walkways, driveways, or a path to your backyard gardens.

They do not however have to be planted alone. They do make good neighbors for some plants. For example, I bet they would look really pretty with some daffodils planted around the front of the plant.

The common lilac is the most popular of all the lilacs. They are a light purple color similar to its name and are the most strongly scented species.

They grow best when able to have a period of a cold winter to stimulate their growth. They do not do well in regions with very hot summers, and not so cold winters.

There are however, certain species of this plant that do grow well in the humid hot summer.

The Chinese species will grow fine in an area of strong heat.

In order to grow this plant with success, it needs to be planted in well-drained soil, with some sun. It is recommended that this shrub get at least 6 hours of sun a day.

This flower can contract fungus if in an area of too much heat with little airflow. Therefore make sure it is planted in an air with good air circulation.

Plant the shrub toward the end of winter to the beginning of spring. Once I begins t really grow, water it regularly and fertilizer it with a time released fertilizer.

Once the shrub is fully-grown, prune back as needed to promote long life, and consistent growth.

Also, as with most shrubs, be sure to get rid of dead or damaged stems. By doing this, your lilacs should grow and flower every year.

Lilacs really are a great addition to your spring and summer gardens. If not for the way they look, then definitely fro the lovely fragrance they emit!