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The Daisy flower (Bellis Perennis) is the April birth month flower. If you have an April birthday you are very lucky. Not only do you have a beautiful birth month flower, but you also have a beautiful birthstone: the Diamond.

Daisies are flowers that are also considered to be weeds. Like other weeds, they can grow wildly and become invasive to other plants in your garden. However if I were going to have any type of weed in my yard, I would want it to be a Daisy. Just because they look so cute!

Daisy Flowers

Daisy Flowers

Some gardeners would however, disagree with me because they can be as much of a nuisance as other weeds.

This flower is a very unique one. It is not just one flower. The Daisy is a composite flower. When you look at the flower from far away, it looks like a flower with a yellow center and white petals surrounding the center.

If you look more closely, you will see that it is made up of many little flowers. The yellow center is composed of many tiny yellow flowers. Each white petal is also an individual flower of itself.

Like I said, you need to look closely to see it.

If you like the look of this particular flower, then maybe it will not be a problem for you to have them in your garden. If they get too pesky to handle however, simply pull them out as you would any common weed.