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Rhododendron is a shrub that begins blooming in the middle of spring. Once fully bloomed, it will continue to grow well into the summer months.

I remember when I was younger; my grandmother wanted a plant to grow in a certain spot in my front yard. She decided on the Rhododendron because they grow back every year.



Each year they come back, the shrub will sometimes be bigger then it was the year before. Also this plant is basically maintenance free. All she did was plant the shrub, watered it in the beginning, and from then on it began to grow more and more each year.

When my grandmother first bought the plant it was a small sized shrub. Now nearly 15 years later it is a very large beautiful shrub.

One of the great things about this plant is that when the flowers go away, the foliage stays behind and lasts all year.

When spring comes, my rhododendron shrub grows beautiful pink flowers. They grow close together and make for a pretty looking bush.

In the wintertime when all that’s left is the leaves and stems, we string Christmas lights on the shrub. It looks very pretty!

While my bush grows pink flowers, some other colored flowers they may grow are purple, yellow, white, or even red.

This shrub grows best in an area with partial shade. The leaves may start to wilt if in an area of too much sun.

However if you plant it in an area with too much shade, the plants will not grow their flowers as well as they would grow in an area with partial shade.

My grandmother dug a big hole and put in some peat moss to help the plant grow healthy. The plant needs to be planted so that the top most portions of the roots are showing slightly.

Then she just watered the plant when it needed it. If the soil looked to dry, that was when she watered it.

That’s all she had to do. Then the plant began to grow, and as I said before that was maybe more then 15 years ago and my Rhododendron still looks great!

It really is a carefree plant to have. It is critter resistant, little to no maintenance required, and it comes back every year. It is the perfect shrub to have!