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Geranium flowers, also known as Cranesbill, are a type of perennial flower. They grow outdoors and are often confused with the indoor versions.

They come in a variety of colors and are so easy to grow. They are one of the simpler plants to grow.



They will grow well in areas that are really hot, to areas that are somewhat colder. Also they will continue to grow in either areas of sun, or areas of shade. They really seem to be a go with the flow type of plant.

Another great thing that makes these plants easy to grow is that they can be planted in almost any soil type. Just make sure they are not in soil with a drought spell for too long, or they will not survive.

They do spread out all throughout your garden. They stay low to the ground and look like a carpet of flowers covering your ground.

Red Geraniums

Red Geraniums

If they get to grow to out of control, then you will need to divide the plants. You will need to cut back the plants first, and then pull plants out of the ground from the roots up.

Pick another spot you would like to grow them, and dig into the soil and plant the flowers. Space each plant about a foot apart.

With them growing so wildly throughout your garden, you can pick how you would like to grow them. Do you want a garden with just cranesbill covering the ground? Or do you want to use them as a border to your finest garden?

Whatever you choose, they are a great addition to have to your springtime garden. They are so low maintenance, and yet so pretty to look at, anyone can grow them!