Fall flowers are just as beautiful as spring and summer flowers. Autumn begins with summer flowers that are still in bloom. Among these are salvias, daylilies, goldenrods, tiger lilies, and my personal favorite, sunflowers. Sunflowers are always my own way of knowing fall is near.

Sunflowers begin to grow in late August to early September, and can last until falls first frost. Some flowers that begin blooming in summer are actually considered to be autumn flowers. Sunflowers are fall flowers that begin their growth in the summer. This is because they live longer in a fall garden.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

While these ends of summer flowers are bright and gorgeous to look at, fall has plenty of flowers to brag about.

Fall is a time to see Japanese Anemones, Autumn Crocus, Michaelmas Daisy, and Chrysanthemums. I always know fall is near when I see flats of mums for sale at the local garden store. Mums in every color nonetheless.

During this time of the year flowers are known for vibrant earth tone colors such as mauves, oranges, reds, yellows, and even rust colors.

Surely you can find your favorite flower in a wonderful bold fall color!

With so many colors to choose from, be sure to pick good color combinations for a well-rounded garden. Some colors will clash together.

It might be best to pick fresh flowers with complimentary colors.

Gardening in the fall is such a joy because gardeners can enjoy the break from the hot humid summer. With the cooler weather coming, gardeners can spend a lot of time in their gardens.



Many autumn flowers live best in the weather fall brings. Two kinds of flowers that thrive off of the cooler weather are chrysanthemums and goldenrods. The shortened, cooler days really helps them to bloom.

Many gardeners actually begin to plant spring bulbs in the fall. This is so the bulbs will be ready to bloom by spring. Also occasionally in the fall, if the weather is on the warm side, some spring flowers will begin to bloom again.

Besides having the bold flowers to bloom in fall, we also look forward to fall trees. With all of the brightly colored leaves, the trees look beautiful. There is nothing like taking a nice fall walk and enjoying all that nature during the autumn has to offer.

Types of Fall Flowers: