The Aster flower resembles the daisy. They look like little star bursts, opening up into a beautiful bloom.

There are many different species, so you need to make sure you are growing the kind you like best.

Asters are the September birth month flower. They begin to grow at the end of summer, and continue to grow into fall. They are a great flower to have in the autumn months.

As autumn days begin to feel longer and colder, the flower is a great plant to look at and remind you of the warmer summer months.

They really do brighten up a fall flowerbed.

Aster Flowers

Aster Flowers

The best thing about this beautiful fall flower; it is a perennial flower. That means you can have them grow back year after year!

The perennial Asters can be grouped into three different species. They are known to some by their common name, Michaelmas daisy.

Michaelmas daisies are so easy to plant and care for. Anyone can do it. They can be planted in any soil type, and just need a lot of sun and a lot of water. Water them fairly regularly.

The three varieties of flower to choose from are: Aster frikartii, A. novae-angliae, and A. novi-belgii.



The frikartii species grows in a lavender color and has a great strong smell. They grow about 2 to 3 feet tall.

A. novae-angliae blooms in colors of pinks and purples. They can grow top be as tall as 5 feet. This plant is known as the New England aster.

A. novi-belgii, known as the New York aster, comes in colors like white, pink, and purple. They can grow anywhere from about a foot to 4 feet tall.

These plants are very easy to plant. It is easiest to start out with purchased plants. Simply plant the plants in any average soil, and water them daily. Give them lots of sun, with a little bit of shade.

After this plant grows for a few years, it can begin to look over grown. If this happens to you, dig up some of the plants, and you can then divide and replant them.

This really is a great plant to have. They are so easy to take care of, and they make for a gorgeous fall flowerbed.