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Sternbergia begins to grow in the beginning of fall. While it only grows until about October, it is a beautiful, warm-colored fall flower.

Plant the bulbs in September. You should plant each bulb about 4 inches deep and about 6 inches apart.

The bulbs should be placed in well-drained soil in a spot that receives a good amount of sun. The bulbs need lots of moist, but you want to make sure the soil has good drainage because otherwise the bulbs will rot.

In the winter, if you live in a really cold climate, you will want to cover the soil above the bulbs with leaves or some type of mulch to protect the bulbs. Otherwise it will be too cold and they may not grow the following fall.

When the plant is ready to bloom, it will send up its stems straight up and out of the ground. The stems only reach about 8 inches above the ground.

The flowers are a nice gold/yellow fall color. They actually resemble crocuses when they begin to grow.

At first growth the flowers are cup shaped, like crocuses. Then once the warm sun hits them, they spread out and really open up. If you have the chance to grow these plants, they really are a nice welcome to the fall.

Besides being pretty to look at, it is a very tough flower. Where most flowers will wilt and die in certain temperatures, the plant is tough enough to deal in most temperatures.

This is definitely one of falls better flowers. They are low maintenance, durable, and great to look at!