Winter Flowers - Poinsettia Flower

Winter flowers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but you may think gardening in winter is impossible, or the only types of flowers that survive winter are indoor flowers.

Well guess what? There are flowers in winter that can grow outdoors, as well as indoors. No matter what type of climate you live in, there are winter flowering plants that make it easy for you to start gardening in the winter.

Color Choices of Winter Flowers

There are actually quite a selection of winter garden plants available to you in the winter. Among them are Crocus in the Snow, Glory of the Snow, Christmas Rose, and of course the Poinsettia Plant.

The color of garden winter flowers varies on whether you will be planting the flowers in an indoor garden or outdoor garden.

For inside gardens there are many colors to choose from. Almost every color is available for indoor flowers in the winter. Now for a winter garden that will be outdoors, the colors are very limited.

Think of the cool crisp days of winter, and you have your color palette. Blue, violet, white, and the occasional yellow.

Outdoor Winter Plants

For outdoor gardens your main plants will be winter shrubs and Flower Bulbs. Some great choices for flowers that bloom in winter are Snowdrop Flower, Winter Aconite, and Witch Hazel.

Before you decide on which plants you want to adorn your winter garden, check out the different plants and all the different colors they come in to have the perfect outside garden.

Winter Flowers - Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Indoor Winter Plants

There are many options to choose from for an indoor garden. There are many more colors to choose from, and many more plants. You can have a great time mixing and matching different color combinations.

Did you know that you can grow Fall Flowers and Spring Flowers indoors during the winter?

You can take seeds or cuttings from Annuals you had planted during the fall or summer, and grow them inside your home in the winter.

Summer Flowers in the wintertime will really brighten up your home! Just think, Impatiens Flowers inside in the winter!

A great plant to have inside in the winter are African Violet Plants. They come in red, violet, pink, and white. African Violet Plants are very easy to maintain, and look very pretty. They are sure to brighten up a dreary room.

If you are planning on having flowers indoors during the winter, be sure you know what kind of temperatures each plant needs to be in to survive. Don’t put plants in areas that may become too cold or too hot.

If you want to grow indoor flowers during the cold winter months the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7-Pod Indoor Garden is an indoor garden kit that will allow you to grow flowers throughout the year no matter what the weather is like outside.

Have fun arranging different color combinations both inside and out. Enjoy a very colorful winter!

Types of Winter Flowers: