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Jasmine plant (Jasminum) is a flower that everyone has heard of. Many people use products that are made with with this plant.

You find it in a lot of perfumes, essential oils, and even some teas.

Jasmine Plant

Jasmine Plant

Besides being grown for it’s uses, these plants are also grown for its lovely look and intoxicating smell. It grows in late winter for colder climates, but can grow for the whole winter season in warmer climates.

This plant is a shrub that can grow to be 10 feet tall! Besides being used as an outdoors plant, some people grow it indoors. You can either use it as a houseplant or use fresh cut flowers as an arrangement or centerpiece.

Plant your shrubs in an area of full sun. They will grow in any type of soil, as long as the soil has good drainage. You don’t want your plant to drown itself!

When the shrub begins to grow, you will notice that the Jasmine flowers bloom before the leaves. Usually the leaves of a plant grow before the flower. The Jasmine flowers have a very nice scent and dainty yellow flowers.

The house plants smell just as good as the outdoor plants. Set the plants in a pot with soil that is light, airy, and well drained. Place the potted plants in a spot where they will receive a lot of sun.

Mist the pants regularly, and make sure to keep the soil moist. Not too damp, just moist. While these flowers like the sun, they like cooler temperatures. Keep the temperature around 55 degrees and this plant will be happy.

Fertilize the plant about once a month to keep it perky and growing well. When it gets to a decent size, you could transfer the plant to a hanging basket. The plant looks very graceful when hanging from above.