Winter Flowers and Plants

Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers? Absolutely! When winter ushers in its colder temperatures, it can bring with it longer darkness, snow, Santa, and surprisingly, a fresh pop of color in your garden!

Although you might not be used to thinking of winter as a time to grow flowers, this can be a beautiful time to […]


Holly Bush

Holly Bush (Ilex) is the December birth month flower. What better flower to have for the month of December then than this? It is a very important plant for the month of December, and especially at Christmas time. Who doesn’t love to decorate their home with these leaves at Christmas?

This […]


Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) is a winter shrub that has a very nice fragrance due to its yellow/reddish flowers. You usually do not see this shrub growing until towards the end of winter.

This plant can get as tall as 20 feet! Though some can also only reach about 6 feet high. Though […]


Winter Aconite

Winter Aconite (Eranthis) resembles a Crocus mixed with Buttercups. This flower grows in the later winter months.

They are a small flower, reaches only about 3-4 inches tall, that covers the ground in the end of winter. The bright yellow color really brightens up the dark winter months.




Squill are bulb plants that grow in the winter months. When they bloom they spread out quite rapidly. They cover the ground and look like a light blue carpet. They are pretty enough to warm up the coldest of winter days.

While some varieties of this plant grow in the spring, Persian […]


Snowdrop Flower

The Snowdrop flower (Galanthus) is the January birth month flower they grow from late winter into early spring.

Since this is a winter flower they grow best in the cooler climates. In areas where the weather is warmer, they will not grow to their best potential.

Snowdrop <a href=[…]


Primrose Flower

Primrose flower (Primula) is a plant that has a very large number of different species. They are predominantly perennials, but there are a few that can be grown as annuals.

Because of the name, some may think that the Primrose belongs to the rose family. It does not.



Poinsettia Plants

Poinsettia plants are the widely known Christmas flower. While they are most popular at Christmas time, they can grow outdoors in the warmer months as well as indoors in the colder months.

Many people are used to seeing this flower is a foil covered pot with nice thick stems and very large […]