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Yarrow plant (Achillea) is a perennial flower that begins to bloom in the middle of summer. If taken care of properly, they will continue to grow until the end of summer. Don’t worry! They are easy to care for.

While planting Yarrow, be sure to space the plants about a foot apart. If you have well-drained soil then that is the best spot for them. Although they will grow in any type of soil, they seem to like well-drained soil best.

Yarrow Plant

Yarrow Plant

They are very tolerant in areas of drought or heat and like to be placed in a spot of full sun.

Once the Achillea begins to grow, you will see many tiny clusters of flowers. The flowers grow tightly clustered together and grow in many different warm summer shades.

You will begin to see colors of pink, red, white, yellow, orange and much more. When the plant is fully grown, the clusters of flowers look very flat at the top.

When this plant is full grown, it resembles a shrub. With all those flowers clustered together, you may think you are looking at a fancy shrub and not a garden perennial.

The size of these plants can range from very low ground coverings, to tall bountiful flowers that look lovely in the garden.

If you see plants beginning to die off before the end of summer, cut out the dead or brown pieces so new flowers can take its place.

The foliage that this plant grows is as lovely as the flowers. The leaves look like bright green feathers. Very fine and very delicate.

In climates with a warmer type of winter, the leaves will continue to stay a very pretty shade of green.

Every few years divide and replant the flowers you are digging up. Make sure you have a spot picked out before any replanting. You will want to transfer the plant as quickly as you can.