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Impatiens flowers are very delicate and begin to really bloom in the summer months. Some do start to grow towards the end of spring, but their show however, begins in the summer months. That is when they are at their best.

I love Impatiens even though they are annuals and only spread their beauty for one season, I just really love the feel of romance they bring. Romance and love.

Impatiens Flowers Colors

Coming in all kinds of summer colors, this flower is a real beauty. They are very easy to grow, and when they do grow, they spread out all throughout the area you have them planted in. Since this plant comes in so many different colors and is so easy to grow they make a great Mother’s Day present.

Single Impatiens Flower

Single Impatiens Flower

Some of the most popular colors of this flower are pink, white, red, purple, and orange. A wonderful display of summer colors. There are three different types of Impatiens. The most popular type is the bedding type. They grow somewhat low to the ground and usually only get to be about a foot tall at their highest height. Each bedding plant has many flowers on each individual plant.

There are also balsam types which are a little more rare to see. They grow taller then the bedding variety, up to 3 feet, and grow their flowers in groups or clusters. The third is the New Guinea, which grows from one to two feet tall. This plant is distinguished by it’s variegated leaves. Growing Impatiens is very easy to do. They do like some shade in order to grow, but the sun will not harm them as long as you water them regularly. They also grow in average soil that is moist, but well drained.

That’s about it for growing them. Water them regularly, and watch them grow!