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Larkspur flowers (Consolida) are a type of annual that looks like a rocket ship, ready for take off. To look at this flower, it looks like a bunch of small flowers are growing out of the stem. The stem grows upward, and the flowers bloom off of the stem.

This plant comes in so many different colors. You can choose flowers in shades of blue, pink, yellow, purple, and white. If you pick a variety of colors, and plant them in a single garden, they will look stunning!

Larkspur Flowers

Larkspur Flowers

With their unique shape, and bright colors the Larkspur in your garden will be the talk of the town!

In order to grow this flower, you need to plant them in a spot with full sun and partial shade at some point in the day. Also they grow well in well-drained soil.

Since they are annuals, they will only grow once, and then they will be gone. If you like what you see, you can always buy new the following year and replant them.

They are so easy to plant and grow; you can have Larkspur in your garden year after year, even though they are annuals.

This plant will not grow well in hot weather. Plant them in the fall, and they will begin to grow in the spring when it begins to warm up. Also make sure the seeds are covered with soil, as the seeds do not grow well if they are in light. They grow best in the dark.

Make sure that wherever you choose to plant them, it is in a spot you really like. Larkspur does not move well if you do not like the spot it is in.

Once your plants have grown to their full height, enjoy the beauty they bring to your home!