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Forsythia is a shrub that you see growing in the spring. They are full of small yellow flowers. The flowers line the stems from bottom to top. Small green leaves also accompany the flowers.

They grow out wide, and tall. They can get to be as tall and wide as 6 to 8 feet. If you decide to prune it don’t do it to much, the flowers will not grow correctly.



Pruning them is something that is not needed often. Instead only prune the bush every few years. Only trim it back about 1/3rd of the way.

These bushes look great planted anywhere. You can use it to pair up with other plants or you can use it as a border in your gardens. I have even seen it used as a stand-alone plant, and it looks spectacular.

The little bell shaped yellow flowers seem to hang delicately off the stems. It’s wild look of the branches splaying everywhere looks like a wild spring day.

If you have begun to grow the plant indoors, and you want to start to grow it outside, simply take the plants out from late winter to early summer and plant them.

If you have bought the plant, space them out about one whole plant apart and plant them in the ground,

They require little to no care at all. In the beginning you just have to make sure to keep the soil moist. You can grow this shrub in sunlight or partially shaded areas.

This is a great plant to have because animals tend to stay away from it. Therefore you can keep them nice and full. No critters biting off flowers are a plus!

At the end of its growing season, cut off all dead stems, but be careful of too much pruning. Remember pruning your plant too much will result in poor flowering the following spring.

If you like the looks of your plant outside, cut a few pieces off and take it indoors. It will look very pretty mixed with some other spring flowers in a vase as a centerpiece on a table.

Whatever you choose to do, you can enjoy them all season long!