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The Easter Cactus (Hatiora Gaertneri) is most commonly used as a houseplant. When it is fully grown it makes a lovely addition to your other household plants.

To grow this particular flower, it is suggested to mix together a potting mix. Use part potting soil, peat moss, and builders sand. Double the amount of peat moss you use to equal twice more then the potting soil and sand.

Easter Cactus

Easter Cactus

The plant will grow in a room with a temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the plant has plenty of moisture and keep it in a room with a lot of humidity.

While the plant begins to grow, fertilize the plant once a month with regular fertilizer that is used for all plants. Once the plant is fully-grown, begin to fertilize it with plant food that is high in potassium.

Once the flower has bloomed it looks very pretty. It is made up of stems that form many branches that droop over the flowerpot. The blossoms grow at the end of the branches and burst open like a brightly colored sun.

The colors come in rose, red, and pink. Perfect colors for the season.

After the plant finishes blossoming, it goes dormant. You can stop fertilizing the plant at this point, but continue to water it so it does not shrink up.

When the flower begins its bloom again, repot it, and begin its care all over again.

This is a very good houseplant to have. It is extremely low maintenance. Once you are done fertilizing it, you only have to water it when the soil appears to be dry.

With these simple steps, your flower should grow for you every year in the beginning of spring.