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Solomons seal plant (Polygonatum) is a perennial that grows from spring all the way through to fall. It is a tough plant that grows well in the shade.

This is another versatile plant that can survive in any temperature. No matter how hot or cold the temperature gets, Solomons seal will be just fine.

This is a great plant to have because it can also survive with no maintenance. If you do not have time to take care of plants, but you would like a beautiful plant for your garden, this is the plant for you.

The first signs of this plant are the stems that grow up from the ground and lean towards the sun. Along each stem are leaves that can be green or a mix of green and cream.

In the spring, tiny white flowers grow from the foliage. In autumn, before the plant goes dormant, little fruits grow instead of the flowers.

To grow this perennial, plant it in a spot with some shade. It also will grow best if planted in well-drained soil. Plant plants that have already begun to grow in containers in the spring.

Make sure you plant it with the right side up. You should be able to tell the top from the bottom by how it grew in the container.

This plant is very delicate in its beginning stages, so be careful not to hurt or damage it. Once it is planted in the ground, cover it with soil. You can also mulch the top of the soil.

This is another plant that spreads out as it grows. If it gets too bushy looking or to over grown, dig out what you want to move in the beginning of spring. If you uproot the plant before it begins to really grow, it will be easier to move.

Once you take out part of the plant, you can replant it in another spot. Plant them the same way you planted the first one in the beginning.

With this maintenance free plant, you will b sure to enjoy it each season that it returns.