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Dianthus flowers come in many different species, and can be either perennials or annuals.

Also known as Garden Pinks, they bloom near the end of spring, or beginning of summer.

Dianthus Flower

Dianthus Flower

They come in more colors then just pink. They also grow to be rose colored, white, or other variations of pink.

They have a very distinct scent, and grow well in zones 4 – 10. To plant in an area where they get a lot of sun throughout the day.

Space each plant about 10 – 15 inches apart. They need to be soil with an acidic pH, and soil that drains well.

Water the plants at least once a week, and avoid getting them too wet.

The perennial variety can be propagated by cutting, dividing, or layering. To promote life fertilize the plants every 6 to 8 weeks with a regular liquid fertilizer.

If you are going to grow them from seeds, sow the seeds in spring or summer. Sow them in well drained soil about 1/8 inch deep. Keep the soil moist until the plant begins to grow. They may take a full year to bloom any flowers.

They are very delicate looking flowers and will make your garden beautiful.