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The Fuchsia plant comes in more colors then it’s name might suggest. Some other colors are pink, purple, and white. Some of these plants have one color, while some have two.

If the plant has two colors, one color usually sits on top of the other. These flowers are bell shaped, and when there is a two-color combo, the flower looks really pretty.

Fuchsia Plant

Fuchsia Plant

There are many different varieties of this flower. Each different species comes with a different look to their leaves. However, whichever variety you choose, they all have beautiful foliage.

These plants can be a little bit quirky; therefore it is important you know how to plant them in each zone. If planted in the right areas, with the right type of sunlight and soil, then they become easy to care for.

If you are planting them in a really hot environment, they need to be in an area of shade. Also the soil must be kept moist.

They grow well in sandy soil that is mixed with some garden lime. Fertilize the plant every few weeks to maintain good growth.

If you are planting this flower in areas of heavy rain, try to keep the plant in an area with good circulation to avoid fungus growing on the leaves.

The best way to grow fuchsias is to buy plants from a store, and plant them either outdoors in a garden, or plant it in a hanging basket. Be sure to give the plant plenty of room to grow. They do not like to be in tight confined spaces.

While they usually grow in summer to fall, they can grow longer if used as a houseplant. Keep the plant indoors and make sure to water it enough, and to keep in near a sunny spot.