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The Flame Violet (Episcia Cupreata) must be named for the bright red flowers that grow from its foliage. A member of the same family as the African violets, the tiny red flowers sit on top of lovely green foliage.

The leaves are a dark green color on the outside, with a light green stripe down the middle. The leaves also look like someone took a bottle of glitter, and sprinkled it over the tops of the leaves.

This plant is a great houseplant to have. They look pretty no matter where you plant them. Brighten up a dark room with these lovely little flowers. The brightness of the red is sure to cheer any room, and anyone, up.

This flower grows in the spring. They need to be around bright light, but not directly under the sun. They grow best in warmer temperatures of 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ask your local nursery for a good potting soil mix for this plant. Keep the plant hydrated, but do not drown it.

They also thrive off of a high humidity atmosphere.

Once the plants are grown, feed them with regular houseplant fertilizer every other week.

Keep your flowers happy and healthy and enjoy their company all season long!