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Crocus flowers bloom in the beginning of spring. They are usually the very first flower you see when spring begins. Catch them fast though, because they don’t hang around for long.

They are bulbs that need to be planted in the fall to grow at the right time. Plant the bulbs about 3 inches deep and spread them out 2 inches apart.



The first sign of them growing in the spring are the leaves. I think that they have a very distinct look to them. They are tall and have a point at the tip. They almost look like larger, broader, pieces of grass.

After the leaves are out for a while, the flower finally blooms. Keep an eye out for them though, because if you blink, they’ll be gone!

They grow very close to the ground and blooms bright flowers of yellow, purple, and white. They only grow to be 4 to 6 inches tall.

The bloom of this flower is a distinct cup shaped blossom. The bloom opens and looks as if it is yelling, Spring is here! I used to think that the bloom looked like a ducks beak!

You can plant these flowers almost anywhere because they tolerate different types of soil and temperature. They do however like to be in the sun.

Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus

Try to plant lots of bulbs close together. The more you plant, the more will grow, and the prettier your flowerbed will be.

Spring isn’t the only season for this brightly colored plant. They can also grow in the fall. It’s like a burst of spring during the fall season.


There are many different species of this plant that grow in the fall, and they bloom between September and November.

If they begin to grow too many in one spot, wait until the end of spring, when both the flowers and the foliage is gone, and divide and replant the flowers.

Although these plants are bulbs, they are also perennials. Which means they will grow back for years and years to come!

These flowers, along with tulips, really are the flowers of spring. They are the first ones you see, and the ones that get us the most excited that spring is here!