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Coral Bells are tiny flowers shaped like bells that sit atop pretty foliage. There leaves are shaped like ivy leaves, and are bright green in color.

Coral Bells

Coral Bells

They grow in late spring and typically last well into the summer months. Their red blossoms brighten up any garden they are planted in.

When planting them, plant them in a drained soil with a slightly acidic ph. Spread them about a foot apart, and plant them pretty deep into the soil, so that you only see the crown of the plant.

They will grow in a sunny area with some shade. Use them to border or edge your garden. The bright red color of the flower will brighten up anyone’s day.

They are perennials and will continue to grow for many years. One way to keep them growing would be to divide them every few years.

Shear the plant back a bit and dig out some of the plants. Then move them to a new spot, or another garden, and you will have them all throughout your yard.