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Brunnera Macrophylla also known as Siberian Bugloss is a member of the perennial family. It blooms from the middle of spring until the end of spring.

This plant has great big bright green leaves that are accompanied by tiny light blue flowers.

After the flowers die off for the season, the leaves remain. The leaves look huge compared to the size of the flowers!

When you see this plant you may notice the leaves first. They are very large in size, but they look beautiful. Even if they never bloomed flowers, this plant would still be a great plant to look at.

Out from the giant leaves, grow tiny thin stems. Along these stems grow the little light blue flowers.

Planting this perennial in your garden will surely brighten even the darkest spots.

This plant can grow to be about 1 to 1 1/2 feet tall.

Once you plant it, it will spread. It grows out and will fill up any space.

If you are thinking of planting Siberian Bugloss, plant the plants 1 to 1 1/2 feet apart. Remember it spreads!

The good thing with this plant is that it will grow in areas with full shade, partial shade, or even full sun. It is a very versatile plant.

Plant it in well-drained soil that is kept very moist.

This plant can be propagated in the fall. Just divide the plant and plant it in an area that you would like more to grow.