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Floss flower (Ageratum) is a member of the daisy family. Growing in colors of blue purple and white, this flower looks like a blanket of fluff growing on the ground.

This is an annual plant that you will need to replant each year if you want to see it grow every summer. While it begins to grow in the beginning of summer, it can continue to grow until the first autumn frost.

Floss Flower

Floss Flower

It grows low to the ground, only being about 6 to 18 inches tall, and spreads out to cover most of the ground. The fluffy flowers are accompanied by dark green foliage that you can barely see.

The fuzziness of the flowers practically covers all the dark green foliage.

These flowers are very easy to grow and to maintain. They can be planted in either sun or shade. Either way they will grow. They can grow in cooler summer climates or warmer summer climates. They prefer the latter.

They cannot however, grow in frost. This is why they will die of at the first sign of frost.

You can begin to grow the flower indoors during the winter and transport it outdoors in the summer, or you can plant them outdoors in the spring.

Once they are outdoors, spread them out a little bit, and watch them flourish. They can survive in hot temperatures, but if there is little to no rain and they begin to look wilted, water them really well and they will burst back to life.

This flower is a popular choice to many. With its delicate look, they are a romantic flower of the summertime.

This plant grows well in containers, window boxes, or outside in your yard with permission to grow freely.