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Delphiniums are very uniquely shaped flowers that grow in the summertime. They usually begin to grow in the middle of summer. They grow like huge spikes of tiny florets that shoot upwards towards the sky.

You may say they resemble a rocket ship! Coming in colors of blue, pink, and white, this plant is one of the more popular flowers of the summer months.



Let me describe the look of this plant a little bit better. Along with lush green leaves there are tall thick stems that shoot straight up towards the sky. On this stem are many little flowers that grow all along the stem.

They really are a neat looking flower if you ever get to see one up close.

At their fullest height they can be about 7 feet tall. There are some smaller versions that only reach about 4 feet.

While they grow very well in areas of full sun, they do not however, thrive in hot climates. They like to be in the sun, in a warm climate. They also can break if they are growing in a climate with a lot of wind.

If you are known to live in a windy area, then this plant will not be a good flower choice for you.

To grow this plant, it needs to be planted in well-drained soil. Water them as needed even after they have begun to grow.

It also helps to fertilize the flowers every few weeks. This will keep your flowers healthy and strong.

Trim the plant, as it needs to be trimmed to keep it looking nice. Once the plant begins to die, cut the plant down to the ground.