Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox grows during the summer months. The other type of Phlox is Creeping Phlox, which is a springtime ground covering perennial.

They will begin to grow in the middle of summer, and can last through to the fall months. This variety is noticeably different from the creeping kind because it is […]

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The Gardenia also known as Cape Jasmine is known for it’s bright white flowers, and strong fragrant scent, this flower brightens up many gardens both inside and out.

They are grown outside in warmer climate areas. Think of southern regions like Arizona or southern California.

Gardenia […]

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Fuchsia Plant

The Fuchsia plant comes in more colors then it’s name might suggest. Some other colors are pink, purple, and white. Some of these plants have one color, while some have two.

If the plant has two colors, one color usually sits on top of the other. These flowers are bell shaped, and […]

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Easter Cactus

The Easter Cactus (Hatiora Gaertneri) is most commonly used as a houseplant. When it is fully grown it makes a lovely addition to your other household plants.

To grow this particular flower, it is suggested to mix together a potting mix. Use part potting soil, peat moss, and builders sand. Double the […]

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The Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis) is a very tiny, but very pretty, flower that blooms in the spring. It can be either an annual or perennial.

When planted, these flowers spread out, and multiply. Plant them in a large area, bordering one of your favorite springtime flowers, and they will grow to be a […]

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Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple (Abutilon) is a houseplant grown during the winter. They do occasionally grow outdoors in the warmer months.

There are many different species to select from when choosing your Maple. Whatever type you choose, it will surely be a great pick.

Flowering Maple […]

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Floss Flower

Floss flower (Ageratum) is a member of the daisy family. Growing in colors of blue purple and white, this flower looks like a blanket of fluff growing on the ground.

This is an annual plant that you will need to replant each year if you want to see it grow every summer. […]

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Flame Violet

The Flame Violet (Episcia Cupreata) must be named for the bright red flowers that grow from its foliage. A member of the same family as the African violets, the tiny red flowers sit on top of lovely green foliage.

The leaves are a dark green color on the outside, with a light […]

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Euphorbia is a type of perennial that is easy to grow and maintain. They can grow so large that they can easily fill up a flowerbed.

It grows on wonderfully green, luscious foliage. The color of the flowers can be yellow, bronze or a gold color.

Euphorbia […]

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