Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) begins to grow in the middle of summer. Being a perennial, this plant will grow again each summer.

Everyone has seen this flower before. It is the tiny delicate looking white, and sometimes pink, flowers that are commonly added to flower arrangements. Especially roses.


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Autumn Snowflake

Autumn Snowflake (Leucojum) grows in many different cultivars that grow in the spring, summer and fall. It reminds me of winter’s snowdrop with the drooping of the stems.

The difference is that these white flowers open. They are tiny white bell shaped flowers that dangle off of the ends of their branches.

This […]

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Autumn Crocus

The Autumn Crocus (Crocus) definitely resembles its close relative: the spring Crocus. They have many similarities.

They are a low growing flower that looks best when used as a border for other autumn flowers. They usually only grow to be about 4 inches high, just like the spring cultivars.


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Astilbe is a plant that you don’t usually see too often. Native to Japan and China, this plant blooms in the summer time.

This perennial flower comes in a variety of summery colors. Lilac, white, pink and red, are the common colors of this plant.

Astilbe Flower […]

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The Anemone also known as windflowers are part of the buttercup family. There are about 120 different species of this plant.

They tend to bloom in the spring and in the fall. They come in many bright colors such as red, purple, white and pink. My favorite is the pink windflower. […]

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