Poinsettia Plants

Poinsettia plants are the widely known Christmas flower. While they are most popular at Christmas time, they can grow outdoors in the warmer months as well as indoors in the colder months.

Many people are used to seeing this flower is a foil covered pot with nice thick stems and very large […]

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Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) comes in many colors that are bound to brighten any dreary winter day. They grow in solids, stripes and spotted patterns. The colors are that of many pinks, white, orange, yellow and even tan.

When you see Moth Orchids you automatically know where it got its name from. The […]

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Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory flowers are the September birth month flower. They grow in the summer, and are a member of the vine family.

There are many different colors and species of the Morning Glory. Some different kinds are: Heavenly blue, which are a light blue color, Scarlet O Hara, which is a rose […]

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Monkshood (Aconitum) grows from the end of the summer months and will continue to grow into the fall.

It is a tall plant that shoots up flowers in tall spikes. The flowers cluster at the top of the stems in resemblance to a weeping hyacinth: just much taller.

Aconitum will grow at its […]

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Michaelmas Daisy

Michaelmas Daisy (Aster) are perennial flowers that grow from late summer and into fall. While they have the name daisy in them, they are not from the daisy family.

They belong to the aster family. There are actually three different species that are all grouped together under the one name.

Whatever species you […]

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