Summer Flowers and Plants

Summer Flowers and Plants


Roses are possibly one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I’m sure many would agree with me on that! From its delicate looking petals to the wonderfully light aroma it gives, the flower is definitely a favorite to many.

This flower comes in many different colors, styles, and species. […]

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Red Hot Poker Plant

Red Hot Poker plant (Kniphofia) begins to grow in the summer months and can continue to grow into the fall months.

They are one of summers more unique looking flowers. They are composed of tall spikes shooting up from the ground and bristly looking flowers and the top.


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Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory flowers are the September birth month flower. They grow in the summer, and are a member of the vine family.

There are many different colors and species of the Morning Glory. Some different kinds are: Heavenly blue, which are a light blue color, Scarlet O Hara, which is a rose […]

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Lily Flower

The Lily flower is one of summer’s more exotic looking flowers. With a blossom resembling a wide opened yawn, this flower is hardly boring.

This flower is a bulb that comes in colors of white, orange, yellow, purple, red and pink. When planting these bulbs, be sure to plant them as soon […]

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Lavender Plants

Lavender plants (Lavandula) are a very popular flower. Not only grown for their beauty, but also their scent. Lavender is grown and used for things like candles and perfume. Some grow Lavender and dry it out to later be used for sachets.

It is used in so many different products because it […]

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Larkspur Flowers

Larkspur flowers (Consolida) are a type of annual that looks like a rocket ship, ready for take off. To look at this flower, it looks like a bunch of small flowers are growing out of the stem. The stem grows upward, and the flowers bloom off of the stem.

This plant comes […]

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Impatiens Flowers

Impatiens flowers are very delicate and begin to really bloom in the summer months. Some do start to grow towards the end of spring, but their show however, begins in the summer months. That is when they are at their best.

I love Impatiens even though they are annuals and only spread […]

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