Summer Flowers and Plants

Summer Flowers and Plants

Gladiolus Flower

The Gladiolus flower is grown from bulbs that begin to bloom in the summer months. The flower is also the August birth month flower.

With their bright colors, the gladiolus is a nice addition to the summer flower line up. They come in bold colors such as orange, red, pink, purple, yellow, […]

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Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox grows during the summer months. The other type of Phlox is Creeping Phlox, which is a springtime ground covering perennial.

They will begin to grow in the middle of summer, and can last through to the fall months. This variety is noticeably different from the creeping kind because it is […]

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Floss Flower

Floss flower (Ageratum) is a member of the daisy family. Growing in colors of blue purple and white, this flower looks like a blanket of fluff growing on the ground.

This is an annual plant that you will need to replant each year if you want to see it grow every summer. […]

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Delphiniums are very uniquely shaped flowers that grow in the summertime. They usually begin to grow in the middle of summer. They grow like huge spikes of tiny florets that shoot upwards towards the sky.

You may say they resemble a rocket ship! Coming in colors of blue, pink, and white, this […]

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Daylily (Hemerocallis) is a flower that grows during the summer months. They are easy to grow and can grow throughout the summer.

There are many different varieties that grow during different parts of the summer. If you choose your selection right, you could have a plethora of Daylilies growing in your garden […]

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Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia flowers are perennial flowers that showcase in the summertime. They begin their growth in the summer, and can continue to grow into the fall months.

They typically grow in Central America and Mexico. They grow at their best in the warmer months and can stick around all the way through to […]

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Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos flowers are the October birth month flower. They are a very delicate looking flower that comes in both perennial and annual types.

Cosmos have about 25 different species. They are commonly grown in Mexico and the southern parts of the United States. They also grow well in Central and South America.


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China Aster

China Aster (Callistephus) is a flower that resembles a daisy, but only has one species. It is primarily grown in China. They are annuals that have a long blooming period.

They begin to bloom in the middle of summer and can continue to grow all the way through to the first frost.


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