Spring Flowers and Plants

Peony Flowers

Ah the peony flowers! (Paeonia) It is such a delicate, pretty looking flower. This is definitely another one of my favorites.

Not only do they look gorgeous, but also they are very easy to take care of, and they live for a very long time.

Peony Flower

Peony Flower

Also, besides having a long life span, these beautiful flowers are also perennials. So they will come back to grace you with their presence year after year.

They first begin to grow towards the end of the cold winter months. At the beginning of spring, you can see the dark green glossy leaves beginning to grow. The flowers come next.

After the flowers fade away and go dormant, the leaves will stay for a long time. The leaves are almost as nice to look at as the flowers!

There are different types of species of this flower as well.

Depending on the type you have planted, the colors will vary. If you have planted Festiva Maxima, your flowers will be a clean white color. This type blooms in a large rounded double flower.

If you have planted Sarah Bernhardt your blossom will be a luscious light pink. This flower also blooms in a semi double, to double flower. They are also very delicate and pretty to look at.

There are a few other different species of the Peony, but whatever type you choose; it will be a good pick. You can’t go wrong with any of the Peonies.

Planting these plants is fairly simple. Plant them in the ground in the beginning of fall. This is so they get that period of cold that is needed for many spring flowers.

Dig a hole about a foot deep. These plants need to be in well-drained soil, so sprinkle in a hefty handful of mulch, or something else to keep the soil drained.

Then place the plant in the hole, but do not put in too deep, as the plant will not bloom.

Peonies like to be full view of the sun, but they can tolerate some shade if they must.

If you plant this flower correctly it will grow back for a very long time. Once a year in the spring, just give them some fertilizer and they should be good to go.

Peonies are a great flower to add to a floral arrangement in a vase. Cut some of the flowers from your garden and just add them to an arrangement and see how they make your arrangement look gorgeous!

This plant is definitely a favorite among many. Why wouldn’t it be when it is so pretty and fragrant? This is a flower that you can plant, and enjoy with very little maintenance.

Enjoy your Peonies for years to come!

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Pansy Flowers

Pansy Flowers (Viola) are small and delicate flowers that grow from spring all the way into the fall. They grow in many bright, beautiful colors and can grow in a single color or two-toned.

In the summer months the pansy may stop blooming due to the high temperatures. In the fall it will resume its growth.

Pansies are the flowers that if two-toned, they look like there is a smiling face in the center. Think of the bright yellow ones with the dark center. I think of a happy face!

Pansy Flowers

Pansy Flowers

This flower is a very versatile flower that will look good anywhere. Plant them in a single flower bed, a bed with many plants, hanging pots, window boxes, or even in containers. Wherever you choose to plant this flower, they will grow beautifully and look lovely.

A benefit to Pansies is that they are easy to grow, and are very inexpensive to buy.

Depending on which type of Pansies you will be planting (mini or regular) the guidelines are slightly different. For mini varieties, space plants at least 10 inches apart. For larger varieties they only need to be spaced about 8 inches apart.

If you want them to grow starting in the spring, then you can begin planting after the last frost. If you want to plant in the fall, then plant the as close to the beginning of fall as possible.

Pansies grow best in well fertilized soil. If your plants start to look droop, that means you need to fertilize more often. Also make sure they are growing in well-drained soil.

Plant the flowers in spots that receive a fair amount of sun. Without enough sun, they may begin to droop.

The only downside to the Pansy is that they are annuals. So that means you need to replant them every year.

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Lupine Flower

The Lupine flower (Lupinus) is a very differently shaped plant. The plant itself grows very tall and upright.

They can grow to be anywhere from 3 to 5 feet tall!

Lupine Flower

Lupine Flower

They grow upright along a very long stem. The flowers grow off of the stem and grow all along the stem from the bottom to the top.

The Lupine flower resembles the shape of a rocket ship, getting ready for take off.

Most are perennials, but some species are annuals. Before purchasing some seeds, or the plant itself, make sure you know what kind you want so that you buy the right type.

The Lupine plant is a member of the pea family, so they can grow well planted near other vegetables.

Lupines come in colors such as pink, purple, blue, yellow, and white. When planted in a whole group together, they look very neat.

They really are a unique looking flower.

There are over 200 different species of this plant. On certain species, you can eat the seeds. You can boil or roast them.

Lupines grow best in the end of spring, through to the beginning of summer. They grow in many zones and are fairly easy to grow.

First you want to make sure you plant them in an area with lots of sun. They grow best when placed in full view of the sun.

Also make sure they are planted in soil that is rich in nutrients and very well drained.

Plant them each about a foot or two apart. If you are using seeds, you want to bury them in about an eight of an inch of soil.

Another unique thing about these flowers is their leaves. Well, at least I think it is unique!

The leaves that accompany the flower look like little green flowers. The leaves are split into about 5 or 6 little leaflets, that circle each other and resemble a little green flower. They are very cute.

If you ever get the chance to plant Lupines in your garden, do it! They will surely be the most widely talked about plant in your garden.

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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria) is a very tiny delicate looking plant. The flowers are white and bell-shaped as they hang off of their stems.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

They look like a beautiful flower to have at a wedding because the small flowers look like wedding bells!

It grows from late spring to mid summer. The tiny white flowers sit with large, oval shaped, dark green leaves. It is also the May birth month flower.

This plant is a perennial plant that grows low to the ground. It is perfect to use as a ground covering in your favorite garden.

Unlike most plants, this plant grows its best in shady area. It needs very moist soil in lots of shade for optimal growing.

This flower is very easy to grow. Plant it about 2 inches deep in moist dark soil. Spread the plants out so that they are planted 4 inches apart.

While this plant thrives in shady areas, you can have it planted in an area where some sun comes through. As long as it is not too much sun, it should be fine.

Plant this plan in the springtime, and watch it grow! It is a plant that grows and spreads very quickly.

Enjoy this flower year after year. I know I do. It is one of my favorite flowers to look at!

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Lilac Shrub

The lilac shrub blooms beautiful fragrant flowers in colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and white.

Lilacs are one of the more romantic flowers out there. While all flowers are beautiful in there own way, certain flowers just have that ability to strike up some romance!

Lilac Shrub

Lilac Shrub

Since they are a shrub, you could plant them anywhere and they can stand alone on their own. You can use them in a flowerbed all by themselves, or you could use them to line walkways, driveways, or a path to your backyard gardens.

They do not however have to be planted alone. They do make good neighbors for some plants. For example, I bet they would look really pretty with some daffodils planted around the front of the plant.

The common lilac is the most popular of all the lilacs. They are a light purple color similar to its name and are the most strongly scented species.

They grow best when able to have a period of a cold winter to stimulate their growth. They do not do well in regions with very hot summers, and not so cold winters.

There are however, certain species of this plant that do grow well in the humid hot summer.

The Chinese species will grow fine in an area of strong heat.

In order to grow this plant with success, it needs to be planted in well-drained soil, with some sun. It is recommended that this shrub get at least 6 hours of sun a day.

This flower can contract fungus if in an area of too much heat with little airflow. Therefore make sure it is planted in an air with good air circulation.

Plant the shrub toward the end of winter to the beginning of spring. Once I begins t really grow, water it regularly and fertilizer it with a time released fertilizer.

Once the shrub is fully-grown, prune back as needed to promote long life, and consistent growth.

Also, as with most shrubs, be sure to get rid of dead or damaged stems. By doing this, your lilacs should grow and flower every year.

Lilacs really are a great addition to your spring and summer gardens. If not for the way they look, then definitely fro the lovely fragrance they emit!

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