Spring Flowers and Plants

Spring Flowers and Plants

Solomons Seal Plant

Solomons seal plant (Polygonatum) is a perennial that grows from spring all the way through to fall. It is a tough plant that grows well in the shade.

This is another versatile plant that can survive in any temperature. No matter how hot or cold the temperature gets, Solomons seal will be […]

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Lilac Shrub

The lilac shrub blooms beautiful fragrant flowers in colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and white.

Lilacs are one of the more romantic flowers out there. While all flowers are beautiful in there own way, certain flowers just have that ability to strike up some romance!


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The Hyacinth has a very distinct look it. It grows straight and tall with tiny flowers blooming off of a single stem. Plenty if green leaves surround the plant.

They come in many different colors. Among them are pink, blue, violet, white, and pink.

Hyacinth <a href= […]

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