Spring Flowers and Plants

Iris Flower

The Iris flower blooms in spring or early summer. They have a short blooming period and only last from 1 to 3 weeks.

While they do not live long, they are perennials and will grow back every year.

Iris Flower

Iris Flower

There are many different species of irises, and they all have their own distinct look. These plants grow best when planted by themselves.

Most of the varieties grow best in soil that is well drained, and in spots where they have full sun for at least 6 hours a day.

Besides coming in different varieties, these flowers also come in many different colors. Below I will describe a few of the different kinds of irises.

The Confusa species has stems that look like bamboo and grow up to 30 flowers on each stem. They have white petals with yellow or purple spots on them. They need to be in moist soil with good drainage, and need to be watered weekly.

The Douglasiana is a very pretty flower to look at. It looks as if its petals open wide into a fan like shape. This species is also a perennial and comes in a variety of colors. They have dark leaves with a glossy tint to them.

The Bearded Iris must have this name because it does in fact look like it has a beard. Not a hairy beard, but a set of petals that turn downward underneath the first set of petals.

Gardening Iris

Gardening Iris

Leaves that stand upright and look like sharp strands of thick grass surround them. This is one of the more popular types of irises. They need to be planted in well-drained soil and surrounded by sun. Also they do not grow well around other plants, so plant them separately.

Setosa is a very different shaped plant. The flower itself is usually a blue or purple color that shoots out into three petals. They start out narrow by the stem and then they widen as they grow away from the stem.

There are many other varieties o irises. Research each one to see what types grow best in your region.

Once you have selected a type or two, or three, make sure they are in a bed of their own. They will spread out and take up most of the space.

Some irises grow during different times of the seasons. Therefore you could select certain ones to grow throughout spring and then there will always be irises in your flowerbed.

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The Hyacinth has a very distinct look it. It grows straight and tall with tiny flowers blooming off of a single stem. Plenty if green leaves surround the plant.

They come in many different colors. Among them are pink, blue, violet, white, and pink.

Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinth Flower

Besides a distinct look, they also have a distinct smell. They have a very strong, sweet scent to them. Some people love the smell, while others can’t be near it.

I love the look of this flower, but the smell is a killer for my sinuses. Whenever I have a this plant, I have to put it outside immediately, in the furthest section of my yard.

Like I said, I love to look at it, but can’t take the smell.

This flower is a member of the bulb family. The bulbs grow best when planted in the winter. They need a period of cold to get them growing at there best.

Plant the bulbs in the fall and space them about 8 – 10 inches apart. If you want bigger flowers that bloom, buy bigger bulbs.

Plant the bulbs about 8 inches deep into the soil. Plant them in a sunny spot with moderate shade at times. Also make sure they are in well-drained soil.

After you plant the bulbs, water them and put some loose mulch around them.



When the flowers start to grow in the spring, you will see groupings of green buds at first. Then the flower blooms.

Since they are bulbs, they will grow again for a few years after planting. After about 5 or so years, you will need to get rid of the old bulbs, and plant new ones.

Be careful while handling new bulbs. They can cause your skin to break out in a rash.

If you live in an area that has really cold winters, it is best to take the bulbs indoors to grow. Then replant them, as the winter turns milder.

This is a good flower to place at any spot in your garden. You can group them in with other flowers. Use them as borders to your garden. Or you could even grow them, and then pot them for indoor use: if you don’t mind their scent of course.

No matter where you place them, their unique look and smell will add a certain beauty to your garden.


Honeysuckle Vine

Honeysuckle Vine is definitely a favorite flower of mine. It brings me back to when I was a child, and loved to find the plant. I would pluck a flower off of its stem, pull out the middle, and eat the tiny drop of honey that hung from it.

It has such a wonderful smell, and anything or anyone who walks by can’t help but notice it. Besides people loving the smell and taste of the honeysuckle, butterflies and hummingbirds do as well.



This plant is a type of vine that can be used to cover a certain object or area of your home.

There are many different types of this plant. They bloom in different colors such as red, pink, yellow and white.

To grow honeysuckle, you should plant it in the spring. They grow best in shaded areas.

After you dig a hole of about 16 – 18 inches, plant the flower as deep as it was in the plastic pot it came in. Before you plant it, it is a good idea to mix in some manure with the soil.

Water the plants only so the soil is slightly moist. Also mulch it with a mixture of natures best: leaves, pine needles, bark chunks, etc.

Once the plant grows you will have to fertilize it every spring. Check out your local nursery to find the best fertilizer for this plant, and for all of your plants.

Also, prune honeysuckle vines when they look like they need it. Use your judgment. If it looks like it is getting to outgrown or bushy for you, take the pruning shears and trim it up.

It is best to prune your plant in the middle of summer or at the beginning of spring. Just trim the areas that need it. You do not want to chop your plant up!

Honeysuckle grows from spring into the fall if cared for correctly. Just remember to water and fertilize as needed, and it should grow back year after year.

Enjoy the smell, taste, and the beautiful elements of nature, your honeysuckle plant will bring you!

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Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus flower is a very exotic looking flower. The flower itself sits with large leaves that are dark in color. It can be an annual or a perennial. It also can be in the form of a tree or a shrub.

There are over 200 different species of this plant. Some species are used for medicinal purposes. Some can be edible in some way. Of course some are used just for the beauty of how it looks.

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower

The flower is a very large blossom that opens wide and the petals stretch out and tilt towards the back of the plant. It looks as if it is yawning wide to show off its beauty.

The flowers come in colors like red, pink, white, purple, orange and yellow. Whatever color you choose, it is sure to be a beautiful flower. You can’t go wrong with any color.

The edible versions of this plant are used for different forms of food or drink. Some are used in herbal teas. Others are used as an ingredient in certain flavors of jam.

Some forms of Hibiscus plant are used as a natural ingredient in the coloring of food.

In Mexico they use the plant to make a special drink called Jamaican Water. It is has a mild tang to the taste once sugar is added, and is known for its color.

If you cannot have sugar, you can drink the drink without sugar and it can be used as a natural diuretic.

To make this special drink all you have to do is boil the dehydrated flowers and then let it cool down. Once it cools down add ice and your good to go.

Hibiscus Plant

Hibiscus Plant

A special type of hibiscus flower, known as Roselle, is used for medicinal purposes. It is used to help with a cough, to reduce fevers, and to lower high blood pressure.

Some boil the flower with oil and other spices to be used to prevent hair loss and graying of the hair. The Hibiscus leaves can be ground with a small amount of water and can be turned into a paste to be used as a shampoo and conditioner.

The hibiscus plant grows best in tropical areas. It need that hot tropics weather to grow.

In order to grow a Hibiscus plant you first need to make sure you pick a spot that is hot and really sunny. It helps to be in an area that has very little to no wind. As I said before they grow best in tropical regions.

To start the planting, dig a hole that is about double the size of the roots of the plant and no deeper than the size of the root ball. This plant must also be in well-drained soil.

The plant has very delicate roots, so you must be careful when planting the flower not to damage them.

As soon as it is planted, water it. Make sure the plant gets enough water as needed without getting too wet, try and keep the plant moist. You don’t want to drench it with water.

This plant needs to be watered only when the soil begins to feel dry. You will also need to fertilize the plant about every three weeks with a low nitrogen fertilizer.

As usual with most plants, prune it back when it begins to look messy.

Once your plant is full grown, enjoy it! This really is a very exotic and beautiful plant to have.

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Hawthorn Flower

Hawthorn flower (Crataegus Monogyna) is a shrub that grows in late spring. The flower that grows from this shrub is the May birth month flower.

This shrub grows both flowers and berries. The berries are called haws, and are edible. The berries are usually made into jellies, syrups, and jams, or used as flavorings for wines and brandy.

Hawthorn Flower

Hawthorn Flower

The Haw berries can also be eaten raw. They are red and look like grapes.

The flowers on the Hawthorn tree are small delicate white flowers. Each flower is composed of five petals, with red stamens in the center.

This shrub looks like a little tree. It has brown bark with stems growing form the bark. The stems have thorns and flowers growing on them.

This shrub grows to be a pretty large bush. It is very wide and many animals make their homes in the small tree.

The Hawthorn is most commonly grown in Europe, Asia, and North America. It also happens to be Missouri’s state flower.

While the shrub itself looks like something out of the wilderness, the little white flowers really make it something special.

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