Spring flowers, summer flowers, fall flowers and winter flowers.

Lavender Plants

Lavender plants (Lavandula) are a very popular flower. Not only grown for their beauty, but also their scent. Lavender is grown and used for things like candles and perfume. Some grow Lavender and dry it out to later be used for sachets.

It is used in so many different products because it […]

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Larkspur Flowers

Larkspur flowers (Consolida) are a type of annual that looks like a rocket ship, ready for take off. To look at this flower, it looks like a bunch of small flowers are growing out of the stem. The stem grows upward, and the flowers bloom off of the stem.

This plant comes […]

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Lady Slipper Orchids

Lady Slipper Orchids (Paphiopedilum) are a very popular orchid to grow indoors during winter. Once the flowers bloom, the flower head has a very unique look.

Some of the petals stretch downward and some reach upward. They are attached at the center along a small seam. This flower definitely stands out more […]

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Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe plant is a winter houseplant that grows to be only about a foot tall. It begins its growth right in the middle of the dreary winter season.

Out of the pot shoots sturdy dark green stems with bursts of bright colored blossoms. Upon each stem grows many tiny clusters of flowers […]

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Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily (Clivia) is very similar to Amaryllis. Like the Amaryllis plant this plant also grows on a large stem.

The flowers grow in clusters around the top of the stem. The trumpet shaped petals have a very nice fragrance to them.

Clivia Clivia […]

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Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed is a perennial plant that grows from the mid-summer months well into the fall. This tall growing plant works great as a background flower. Because it is so tall, you can grow other smaller plants in front of it and make a wonderful looking landscape.

This flower grows on […]

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Japanese Anemones

Japanese Anemones (Anemone) are a beautiful cotton candy colored fall flower. While they also grow in a shade of bright white, the pink colored ones are my favorites.

When this plant is in full bloom, it reaches up to 4 feet in height. Broad, sturdy stems (that resemble sticks) grow out of […]

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Impatiens Flowers

Impatiens flowers are very delicate and begin to really bloom in the summer months. Some do start to grow towards the end of spring, but their show however, begins in the summer months. That is when they are at their best.

I love Impatiens even though they are annuals and only spread […]

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