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Boltonia is a flower that is not very well known. Or perhaps they are well known, just not by their name.

They bear a strong resemblance to Daisies and certain species of the Aster plant. Like a Daisy they have the same yellow disc in the center and are surrounded by flat […]

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Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower (Gaillardia) is a summer flower that has about 30 different species. They can be perennials, annuals, or even biennials. They resemble the daisy and come in a small variety of bright colors.

Gaillardia grows in shades of yellow, red, orange, and mahogany. They either grow in one color, or two. […]

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Bellflowers (Campanula) are a plant that starts growing anywhere from the end of spring, to the beginning of summer. They come in different colors and in different shapes.

Obviously one of their shapes is bell shaped, hence the name Bellflower. They also can be shaped like stars or cup-shaped. Some even resemble […]

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Begonia Plants

Begonia plants are one of summer’s most delicate looking flowers. The soft colors of the petals make this plant look simply gorgeous. My favorite colors of this flower are the soft pinks, and of course the light peach ones. I always know summer is near when I start to see them […]

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Bee Balm

Bee Balm (Monarda) is a perennial plant that grows from midsummer to the beginning of fall. There are 15 different species of this flower, and some are known to be annuals.

When planted, they will grow in clumps. These clumps will spread out and you will have a lovely garden. This plant […]

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Basket of Gold

Basket of Gold (Aurinia Saxatilis) is a type of perennial. This means you can plant it once, and it will grow back year after year.

This is a plant that grows very full and lush. It looks great as a border plant for edging around your spring gardens. If you plant the […]

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Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) begins to grow in the middle of summer. Being a perennial, this plant will grow again each summer.

Everyone has seen this flower before. It is the tiny delicate looking white, and sometimes pink, flowers that are commonly added to flower arrangements. Especially roses.


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Autumn Snowflake

Autumn Snowflake (Leucojum) grows in many different cultivars that grow in the spring, summer and fall. It reminds me of winter’s snowdrop with the drooping of the stems.

The difference is that these white flowers open. They are tiny white bell shaped flowers that dangle off of the ends of their branches.

This […]

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Autumn Crocus

The Autumn Crocus (Crocus) definitely resembles its close relative: the spring Crocus. They have many similarities.

They are a low growing flower that looks best when used as a border for other autumn flowers. They usually only grow to be about 4 inches high, just like the spring cultivars.


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Astilbe is a plant that you don’t usually see too often. Native to Japan and China, this plant blooms in the summer time.

This perennial flower comes in a variety of summery colors. Lilac, white, pink and red, are the common colors of this plant.

Astilbe Flower[…]

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