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Wormwood Plant

Wormwood plant (Artemisia) is a perennial shrub that grows in the summer months. While it has been known to grow from spring all the way to fall, it is primarily seen all throughout the summer season.

This shrub is mainly grown for its foliage. The foliage from this shrub is really lovely. […]

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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) is a winter shrub that has a very nice fragrance due to its yellow/reddish flowers. You usually do not see this shrub growing until towards the end of winter.

This plant can get as tall as 20 feet! Though some can also only reach about 6 feet high. Though […]

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Winter Aconite

Winter Aconite (Eranthis) resembles a Crocus mixed with Buttercups. This flower grows in the later winter months.

They are a small flower, reaches only about 3-4 inches tall, that covers the ground in the end of winter. The bright yellow color really brightens up the dark winter months.


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Water Lily Plants

Water Lily plants (Nymphaeaceae) grow and live in freshwater. They are planted in soil that is underneath the water, and when ready the leaves and flowers float up to the surface.

They are the July birth month flower. This may be because they grow during the summer months.


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Tickseed (Coreopsis) is a summer flower that grows in many different varieties. Not only can you choose different colors, you can also choose to grow perennial flowers or annual ones.

Although a majority of this plant grows in a yellow color, you can also grow Coreopsis in colors like pink and two […]

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Thanksgiving Cactus

Thanksgiving Cactus (Schlumbergera) is a perennial houseplant that blooms every fall. If you think you might like to grow one, they are fairly simple to grow and make for a wonderful centerpiece for your holiday table.

In order to grow Schlumbergera, plant it in a well-drained soil mix and place the pot […]

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Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet Pea flowers (Lathyrus odoratus) are the April birth month flower. They are considered to be vines, and they have a very dainty look to them, and a great scent.

Even though they grow from a vine, these flowers can be cut and used in a vase, either with a flower arrangement, […]

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Sternbergia begins to grow in the beginning of fall. While it only grows until about October, it is a beautiful, warm-colored fall flower.

Plant the bulbs in September. You should plant each bulb about 4 inches deep and about 6 inches apart.

The bulbs should be placed in well-drained soil in a spot […]

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Squill are bulb plants that grow in the winter months. When they bloom they spread out quite rapidly. They cover the ground and look like a light blue carpet. They are pretty enough to warm up the coldest of winter days.

While some varieties of this plant grow in the spring, Persian […]

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Speedwell (Veronica) is another summer plant that grows out of the ground, looking like a spike. They are about 1 to 4 feet tall and grow throughout the whole summer season.

On each stem many little spike like flowers grow. The flowers come in shades of blue, pink, purple, white or red.


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