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If you are ready to get some firewood for your deck or your indoor fireplace, it is important that you have a way to move it where it needs to be transported. Using a wheelbarrow will work, but there is really no good way to eyeball how much wood will fit inside it. If you get a cord of wood delivered, how many wheelbarrow trips will you need to move it?

A wheelbarrow fits approximately 35 logs, and there are usually about 550 logs in a cord of wood. You would need almost 16 wheelbarrows full of logs. If you are going to move your wood with a wheelbarrow, you will need to plan about 16 trips to get all of your wood moved.

As with anything else, there are definitely variables that go into the equation. Read on to find out more about the intricacies of using a wheelbarrow for wood transportation.

how many wheelbarrows in a cord of wood - two wheelbarrows in front of a stack of firewood

How Many Wheelbarrow Trips to Move a Cord of Wood?

If you are ready to move some wood, you need to be sure that you will be able to use your wheelbarrow in order to move it. Because a standard, full cord of wood is a pile that is 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4 feet wide, its cubic volume is measured at 128 cubic feet. You definitely want a wheelbarrow to move it because it can weigh up to 5,000 pounds!

Since most standard wheelbarrows have a volume of 8 cubic feet, or 30” width times 65” length times 30” height, and a cord of wood has a volume of 128 cubic feet, you will be able to fit about 16 wheelbarrows full of wood into a cord. Plan about 16 wheelbarrow trips to get all of your wood moved.

How Do I Use a Wheelbarrow Properly?

In order to properly use a wheelbarrow, make sure that the tires are inflated properly, to 30 pounds per square inch. This will make the wheelbarrow easier to maneuver. Load your cord of wood carefully, toward the wheel and not the handle. This will make it easier to lift. Also, before you stack the wood in it, make sure you point the wheelbarrow in the direction you are moving so that you will not have to turn it with the heavy load.

Your own posture is also extremely important when trying to move a load of wood properly. Before you lift the wheelbarrow, stand between the handles with your back straight and your feet firmly planted. Make sure your shoulders are stacked above your hips, and your hips stacked above your knees. Maintain good posture throughout the process. Make sure that you lift with your legs, and not your back. If you follow these tips, you will more easily move your cord of wood, especially if you need to take 16 trips!

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What is the Best Type of Wheelbarrow to Haul Wood?

There are basically two types of wheelbarrows that you can consider when you need to haul wood. There are plastic wheelbarrows, and steel wheelbarrows.

If you need to haul a cord of wood, and take sixteen trips with a wheelbarrow to be exact, you will want to use a steel wheelbarrow. There are several important  reasons why that is the case, and you will definitely be better off if you haul wood with a steel wheelbarrow rather than a plastic one.

What are the Qualities of a Plastic Wheelbarrow?

Plastic wheelbarrows definitely have their place in yard work and gardening. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can pinpoint exactly what type of wheelbarrow you want. They are durable and lighter in empty weight than a steel wheelbarrow, so you do not need as much strength to lift them. This makes them much easier to use for the average gardener. They are perfect for moving bags of mulch, gardening tools, and pots.

Plastic wheelbarrows are less expensive than steel, so they are also more affordable for the average gardener, as well. And luckily, they will not rust if left out in the rain. This being said, they can be more likely to buckle under a large amount of weight, and are susceptible to cracking and blistering. If you need to take 16 trips to haul wood, this could be problematic with a plastic wheelbarrow.

What About a Steel Wheelbarrow?

Because it is so durable, a steel wheelbarrow is better for hauling heavy things such as cement or logs. Along with the durability, however, comes a higher price tag and also a heavier weight when empty. The good news is, a steel wheelbarrow can carry your 35 logs without buckling.

Anytime you need to haul something heavy, a steel wheelbarrow is going to be a better way to go. Because they are so sturdy, you can easily move your logs from one part of the yard to another. A steel wheelbarrow is virtually indestructible, and the higher price tag is worth it because it can last for years and years.

Unfortunately, because steel wheelbarrows are heavier, they can be more difficult to maneuver, so if you have it loaded to the max it may become unwieldy. The other drawback is that steel can rust if left out in the rain. If a steel wheelbarrow rusts, it will weaken the entire frame and it will not last as long.

Final Thoughts

Moving a cord of firewood safely definitely requires a sturdy wheelbarrow. If you are trying to fit a cord of wood into a typical 8 cubic foot wheelbarrow, it will take 16 trips with a wheelbarrow to move a cord of wood. It will be much easier to do this if you use a steel wheelbarrow rather than a plastic one, as they are much more durable.

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