African Violet Plants

African Violet Plants (Saintpaulia) are winter plants that grow well indoors. I know my grandmother likes to keep one in her bedroom every winter.

She says it’s a little bit of spring in the cold winter months.

The leaves of this plant are a soft furry texture.

They are larger than the actual flowers, and oval shaped.

Most of the leaves grow in either a medium or darker shade of green.

African Violet Plants
African Violet Plants

The petals of the African Violet flower feel like soft buttery velvet. The plants grow in colors of purple, pink, white, blue, red, yellow, and cream. Some of the flowers grow in two or more colors. They can also grow to be single, double, or semi double shaped.

Sometimes the petals are shaped in five flat petals, or five cupped petals. Certain African Violet plants have a white outer edging on the petals.

To learn how to grow African Violets this plant grows very low to the ground since they have very short stems. Their height ranges from 3 inches small to about 16 inches high.

African Violet care is important so if you grow this plant outdoors, as long as the temperatures are between 65 and 75 degrees. If the weather gets too hot or too cold, the plant will begin to wilt.

African Violets
African Violets

If you grow African Violet plants indoors, make sure you place it under fluorescent lights. You don’t want it to get too much light. Just enough for it to be comfortable and grow well.

About 12 to 15 hours a day is plenty. If you are placing it under the light for too long you will be able to tell by how the plant is growing.


The plant will not bloom right, and the leaves will be very dark in color. This means you are giving it too much light.

When the plant begins to grow, it only requires water once every few days. You will be able to tell by the texture of the soil. If it feels dry to the touch, then give it some water. If it feels moist, do not water it.

What my grandmother does to keep hers watered when needed is she places the plant in a water tray, and squirts water in the tray when it is empty or almost empty. This way the plant can absorb the water from the bottom.

Enjoy the African Violet house plant during the winter. If you take good care of it, it may last you a very long time.

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